Srikanth is an inspiring story

Srikanth Review {4.5/5} and Review Rating

Star Cast: Rajkumar Rao, Jyothika, Sharad Kelkar, Alaya F

Movie Review: Srikanth

Director: Tushar Hiranandani

Srikanth Movie Synopsis:
Srikanth It is the story of one man’s incredible journey. On 13 July 1992 Srikanth (Rajkumar Rao) was born to Damodar Bolla (Srivinas Bisetty) and Venkatamma Bolla (Anusha Nathula) in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Srikanth’s parents are devastated as he was born blind. Still, Damodar and Venkatamma ensure that he gets an education. He has joined the primary school in his village. Srikanth is intelligent and can grasp the study material easily. Realizing that he would not be able to study in a village school till 10th standard, he joined the Asha School for the Blind in Hyderabad after a few years. Here a teacher named Devika (astrology) supports Srikanth and improves his performance in school. After passing 10th he decides to opt for science. But as a rule visually impaired students cannot opt ​​for science. So, Srikanth goes to court and wins the case, making it easier for many blind students to opt for this stream now. When he tries to get into an IIT, he once again faces a hurdle. When Devika recommended that he try to apply internationally. Srikanth soon got a scholarship to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America. He studies there and falls in love with life in the estate. He comes to India after completing his education. As expected, he noticed that there were no jobs for blind-educated and even computer-literate people. Srikanth, therefore, decides to create his own system instead of changing the existing system. What happens next sets up the rest of the film.

Srikanth Movie Story Review:
The story of Jagdeep Sidhu and Sumit Purohit is fascinating. Srikanth Bolla has made a mark but not many know about him and his journey. So it gives a novel experience. Screenplay by Jagdeep Sidhu and Sumit Purohit is interesting and fast paced. But in some places it is too fast. Jagdeep Sidhu and Sumit Purohit’s dialogues (additional dialogues by KK Binoji) are generic and sharp. But it could have been better in the climax.

Tusshar Hiranandani’s direction is simple. Its biggest achievement is that it doesn’t make the film boring or heavy. The tone is light and hence, it has a kind of commercial appeal. Also, it is refreshing to see a biopic in India that also shows the flawed side of the hero. Srikanth being taken out of Andhashala, the courtroom scene, Srikanth sighing that India doesn’t need him and Srikanth meeting APJ Abdul Kalam (Jamil Khan) are some of the scenes that rock the show. Srikanth’s airport scene has emerged as the best part of the film as it is novel and one cannot predict where the scene is going.

On the other hand, the film slumps in the second half, especially when the plot takes a turn when Srikanth becomes arrogant. The narration is too rushed and one wishes the makers had portrayed some aspects better. For example, there is no back story of Devika or who else is in her family. Her whole life seemed to revolve around Srikanth. Srikanth’s parents are not given much importance after the opening scenes. The last speech is memorable but it can be very shocking. Finally, the music is not up to the mark.

Srikanth (Official Trailer): Rajkummar Rao | Jyothika, Alaya F

Srikanth Movie Screening:
Rajkummar Rao is simply excellent. It’s different from what he’s done in the past and literally gets into the skin of the character. Indeed, an award-winning performance! Jyothika is beautiful and brings a lot of excitement to the film with her performance and character. They wish to have a teacher like her in their life. Alaya F (Swathi) is charming and gives a great performance. But her introduction in the narrative is sudden. Sharad Kelkar (Ravi Mantha) made a late entry but left a strong impression. Srivinas Bisetti and Anusha Nuthula do well but are few and far between. Jamil Khan is perfect for the part. Bharat Jadhav (Judge), Clarissa Simon (Kelly), Siboniso Tedius Mbatha (Edward), Sashidhar (Mahesh), Vinita Venugopal (Kavita; Ravi’s wife), Sridhar Murthy (Venugopal; Landlord), Sukhita Iyer (Vidya Reddy; Politician) And Vivek Mishra (Srigiri; College Principal) also does well.

Shrikant Sangeet and Other Technical Aspects:
Only one song plays ‘Dad says’. ‘Tu Mil Gaya’, ‘Tumhe Hi Apna Maan Hai’ And ‘Gina Shikha De’ are forgettable. Ishaan Chhabra’s background score is energetic and adds to the impact.

Firstly Mehta’s cinematography is decent. The production design by Tanvi Leena Patil is realistic. Rohit Chaturvedi’s costumes are straight out of life while Alia’s is glamorous. The editing by Debsmita Mitra and Sanjay Sankala is crisp.

Srikanth Movie Conclusion:
All in all, Srikanth is an inspiring story told in an entertaining manner and with an award-winning performance by Rajkummar Rao. At the box office, it has the potential to succeed if it gets a thumbs up from the target urban audience.

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