Srikanth’s director Tushar Hiranandani revealed that Sharad Kelkar was charged Rs 101 for the film.

Srikanth Director Tushar Hiranandani Reveals Sharad Kelkar Charged Rs 101 For The Film

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Actor Sharad Kelkar, who was last seen in a biographical film Srikanth The film’s director Tusshar Hiranandani said that he charged only Rs 101 for the film starring Rajkumar Rao. In conversation with etimes, Tushar Hiranandani noted that Sharad Kelkar first wanted to be compensated according to his market value. However, after hearing the description of the film, the actor was moved and decided to do the project regardless of the fee. The director said, “When Sharad came to meet me, he had quoted a price and he deserved it. But then I told him that it was difficult for me and requested him to listen to the narration. “

The director added that after the narration, the Goliyon ki Raslila-Ram Leela The actor left and did not expect him to do the film. But the next day, producer Bhushan Kumar told Tusshar Hiranandani that the actor is keen to work on the project at any cost as he “doesn’t want to miss this kind of opportunity.”

For Unrestricted, Sharad Kelkar plays the role of Ravi, Srikanth Bolla’s best friend. “Sharad enters the film after the interval and guesses the fee on his Srikanth contract? That’s just Rs 101! In fact, Ravi is the man behind Srikanth Bolla’s success,” noted Tushar Hiranandani.

Reviewing the film for NDTV, film critic Saibal Chatterjee wrote, “Srikanth is a classic rags-to-riches saga that is greatly enriched by the director’s refusal to use standard tropes of the genre. Not only does he keep the storytelling simple and ship-shape, he also ensures that the craft that goes into the project – cinematographer Pratham Mehta and editors Debsmita Mitra and Sanjay Sankala do their job to perfection – doesn’t overshadow the essence of the narrative. .

Srikanth marks Alia F and Rajkummar Rao’s first-ever on-screen collaboration.

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