“Sundar Masterji gave me 100 rupees”

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Actress Sonali Bendre said that she had decided to pack her bags and leave the film industry if she could not perform well in the song. hmmm hmmm From Mani Ratnam’s 1995 film Bombay,

Bendre, who is barely five films old in the industry, said she was often “reprimanded” by choreographers for her moves until she found success as a female dancer in a superhit track. hmmm hmmm Along with Prabhudeva’s brother Raju Sundaram.

According to the actor, there was a common belief at that time that if one did not know how to dance, one could not become a heroine. The 49-year-old said she wanted to give it a shot as the song was choreographed by veteran Prabhu Deva.

“I’m not a trained dancer. When I came into films, the choreographers really scolded me for my dancing. Badi Nayika bane hai, not dancing now, so, if you can’t dance, you can’t be a heroine. I was going through all this so whatever time I got before and after shooting, I started training in ‘Bollywood Dancing’, as it is called.

“It was like, ‘Let’s do it.’ ) my team will earn daily’,” Bendre told PTI in an interview.

The actor, who later went on to feature in 90s hits such as Diljale, Major Saab, Sarfarosh, Jakham And We are with you, Prabhu Deva’s father and choreographer Master Mugur Sundar was so impressed with her skills that he awarded her Rs.100.

“The best part was that I was dancing with Prabhu Deva’s brother Raju and Sundar Master Ji, his father was (also) on the set. Mani Ratnam sir always did big long shots, so we did everything at once. Then we did one thing (shots). , Sundar Masterji took out Rs 100 and gave it to me and said, ‘You have done very well’, ‘I don’t need anyone else’s certificate, I am here’, said Bendre, who was not even part of the main cast of the film Bombaywhich was led by Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala and yet hmmm hmmm She is remembered as a song.

“It had actors who were fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime roles, and those actors were part of the song. Today, when I look back, I think I should have been stupid and or really ignorant. Doing a song like that became something. And it became … and today it is my song.

Awaaz Bharti will reprise the role of news editor Amina Qureshi in the upcoming second season of ZEE5 serial “The Broken News”.

With new voices emerging, she hopes to be offered more “age-appropriate” roles. “Putting it out into the universe,” she added.

In the film industry, women actors still have to fight the patriarchy when it comes to work opportunities, and Bendre said change is happening but slowly.

“This is a patriarchal society and that’s the reality of life and that’s how it works. I am glad that things are slowly changing, but they are changing from where I see.

“The conversation has begun. I hope that this conversation doesn’t stop and that I can do my best to see that it continues to grow. But to expect a 360-degree turnaround is not realistic and I am a realistic person,” she said.

The actor, whose big screen outing was in 2013 Once Upon a Time in Mumbai DobaraShe said that she stayed away from films because she did not want to be stereotyped in glamorous roles.

“It’s great to have an image and it brands you and it always puts you out there and gets you work. You work so hard to do it but there comes a point when that image becomes like an anchor and pulls you down. No regrets about my image, but I had grown (out of it).” Bendre, who is married to producer Goldie Bahl, took a break from work after the birth of her son in 2005 and later appeared as a judge on reality TV shows like “India’s Got Talent”. India’s best dramatist and television series This is a strange story.,

She went on a seven-year hiatus when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and returned to acting with the first season of “The Broken News” premiering in 2022. The second chapter of the newsroom drama will be released on May 3.

“I thought ‘The Broken News’ was a character that I played my age, and the moment you play a woman my age, they have to be discredited somehow… but I didn’t want to do that.

“You can be glamorous in certain types of clothes. Looking at Amina, she looks glamorous in her cotton. And, I was playing my age,” she added.

An adaptation of the popular 2018 British series “Press”, “The Broken News” also stars Jaideep Ahlawat, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Indranil Sengupta and Kiran Kumar. It is directed by Vinay Vaikul.

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