The actor was first chosen by Ghajini star Pradeep Rawat for the 2008 film.

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Ghazni It is regarded as one of the best films of Aamir Khan’s career. It is a Hindi remake of the 2005 Tamil film of the same name. But, did you know that Salman Khan was the first choice for the role of Aamir in the 2008 film? Pradeep Rawat, who played the antagonist in both the Hindi and Tamil versions, shared how he suggested Aamir instead of the “short-tempered” Salman Khan. During an interview with Siddharth KannanThe actor mentioned, “AR Murugadoss (director) used to say ‘I want to make it (Ghazni) In Hindi, I want to make it in Hindi…’ I thought to myself, ‘Salman is short-tempered and Murugadoss doesn’t speak English or Hindi. He didn’t even have a personality then.”

“I thought Aamir Khan would be a perfect choice for the role as he has a calm demeanor and treats everyone with respect. In the last 25 years I have never seen Aamir yell or scream at anyone. He never disrespected anyone or used abusive language. So I thought, due to Prakriti, Salman cannot be handled or there will be unnecessary complications,” added Pradeep Rawat.

During the same conversation, Pradeep Rawat also recalled the incident of Aamir Khan being injured during a climax scene. The actor said, “I was going to run around a bit and jump on the mattresses and Aamir was to follow suit. Jumping up, I made sure Aamir had room to jump and land on the mattress, but the next thing I heard he was crying out in pain. ‘Oh my god…!’ I saw him screaming in terrible pain. It was the first time I heard him abuse. He had to be picked up. Aamir Khan does not misbehave, But his mind heard this abuse for the first time. (But it was the first time I heard him use a derogatory word.)

Pradeep Rawat added, “I heard him screaming in pain. This time he had to be lifted on a stretcher. He was in no condition to walk. The fight sequences required a lot of running which meant he lost a lot of fluids and suffered from cramps due to dehydration.”

in GhazniAamir Khan portrays Sanjay Singhania, who suffers from short-term memory loss while seeking justice for the death of his beloved Kalpana (played by Asin).

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