The Fall Guy is a clean fun action entertainer

The Fall Guy (English) review {3.0/5} and review rating

Star Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt

The Fall Guy (English)

Director: David Leach

Synopsis of The Fall Guy Movie:
The Fall Man It is the story of a stunt artist who finds himself in dire straits. Colt Sievers (Ryan Gosling) is a stunt double for famous Hollywood actor Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Colt is working on a film where he meets camera operator Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt, both fall on each other. During the stunt, the wire breaks and Colt is seriously injured. Devastated, Colt quits his career and even ghosts Jody. Eighteen months pass. Colt is now working as a valet driver at a Mexican restaurant. He is contacted by an old friend, producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham). She was also the producer of the film on which Colt had an accident. She asks Colt to join the Sydney schedule of her next film, Metalstorm, starring Tom Ryder. Colt, at first, is reluctant, but immediately agrees when she tells him that Jody is the director and that she specifically asked for him. Colt arrives on set only to realize that Jody never asked him out and is upset with his behavior. Meanwhile, Gail tells Colt that Tom has disappeared after getting involved in drugs. So, Colt must figure out where he is, or the studio will shut down the project. Colt agrees and begins his mission. He soon realizes that he has found himself in the wrong book of some dangerous people. Above him, he finds a dead body in a hotel room. What happens next sets up the rest of the film.

The Fall Guy Movie Story Review:
Drew Pearce’s story is a bit clichéd but has plenty of entertainment. Drew Pearce’s screenplay is interesting and very creative. The dialogues are witty and add to the humor quotient. Some of the dialogues given at the beginning of the film about filmmaking are quite technical.

David Leitch’s direction is first rate. He keeps the mood light and hence, ensures that the film has wide appeal. He works hard on the electrifying chemistry between the lead actors and it makes for a great watch. The film also has innovative scenes that keep the interest alive. For example, the scenes where Jody and Colt indirectly talk about their love affair while discussing the script are well thought out and executed. The unicorn bit is fun. Finally, the tribute to the stunt team at the beginning and the credits at the end are also touching.

On the other hand, the makers don’t spend enough time to depict the love affair or the equation between Colt and the lead actor. The later becomes an important part of the story and would have been a bit more detailed in this regard. The fight scene between Colt and Iggy Starr (Teresa Palmer) is funny but unnecessary and forced into the narrative. Although this became clear in the second half, questions will also be raised as to why Colt was called for questioning in Australia.

Screening of The Fall Guy:
Ryan Gosling is charming and perfect for the role of a man who messes with his daughter and yet the audience should not hate him. Ryan fits the bill and with his ease, he takes the performance up several notches. Emily Blunt, as expected, leaves an impression. Her comic timing is spot-on and she is beautiful in emotional scenes. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is fair and Winston Duke is very good. Hannah Waddingham provides competent support. Teresa Palmer is wasted. Stephanie Hsu (Alma Milan; Tom’s PA) is decent. Jason Momoa’s cameo is a surprise.

The Fall Guy Music and other technical aspects:
Music by Dominic Lewis suits the eerie mood of the film. Jonathan Sela’s cinematography is spectacular, especially the camerawork in the climax. David Schueneman’s production design is realistic. The same applies to Sarah Evelyn’s outfits. Ryan’s outfits, however, are stylish. The action is the high point of the film and adds to the fun. As one feels Ryan (and his stunt double) (perhaps as the title suggests), he falls too often while acting. The VFX is top notch. Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir’s editing is slick but too fast in the opening scene.

Conclusion of the movie The Fall Guy:
Overall, The Fall Guy is a clean fun action entertainer. At the box office, it could benefit from a lack of releases.

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