The Idea of ​​You is a beautiful love story

The Idea Of You (English) review {3.0/5} and review rating

Star Cast: Anne Hathaway, Nicholas Galitzine

The Idea of ​​You (English)

Director: Michael Showalter

The Idea of ​​You Movie Synopsis:
Solenn Marchand (Anne Hathaway) lives in Silver Lake, Los Angeles with her 16-year-old daughter (Ella Rubinshe is separated from her husband Daniel (Reed Scott) and runs an art gallery. Solène is about to turn 40 and goes on a camping trip alone. Daniel, meanwhile, plans to take Izzy and her friends to Coachella where Izzy’s former favorite band, August Moon, will be performing. Unfortunately, a work emergency forces Daniel to rush, and so, Solenn is forced to take the boys to Coachella. At the festival, she bumps into Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), lead singer on August Moon. But she doesn’t know who he is at first. Hayes is impressed by her and meets her again after the festival. Both fall in love. Hayes invites her first to New York and then to the European leg of August Moon’s tour. A lovestruck Solenn joins him. Soon, this causes problems.

The Idea of ​​You Movie Story Review:
The Idea of ​​You is based on the novel of the same name by Robin Lee. The story is beaten. Michael Showalter and Jennifer Westfeldt’s screenplay, however, is full of tender and touching scenes. The dialogues are humorous and some of them have the potential to go viral.

Michael Showalter’s direction is decent. He uses the traditional light romance template to execute the story and it works. The story is predictable and the director ensures that the love story between the main characters blossoms organically. The chemistry is beautiful, which helps too. The conflict in the story is about the evils of social media and paparazzi and is given a nice touch.

On the other hand, since there are no twists or unexpected moments, a section of the audience might not enjoy these developments. The way paps are shown killing the fans gets too much after a point and feels unrealistic. Not much is shown about what happens after a breakup, especially between mother and daughter. In fact, the last 10 minutes are too rushed.

Idea of ​​your film performance:
Anne Hathaway is amazing as an actress and looks out of this world. It’s incredible how her mere presence lifts the impact of many scenes. More importantly, her performance is very relatable, especially the way she does in scenes where her character is trolled because of her age. Nicholas Galitzin is easygoing and leaves an impression. He does well in the third act of the film. Ella Rubin is blonde; Her scene with her mother after camping is memorable. Reid Scott provides competent support. Annie Mumolo (Tracy) is charming. Jordan Aaron Hall (Zeke), Raymond Cham Jr. (Oli) and Perry Matfeld (Eva) are fine.

The Idea of ​​You Music and Other Technical Aspects:
Siddharth Khosla’s music is well woven into the narrative. ‘near’ standing up Siddharth Khosla’s background matches the theme of the film.

Jim Frona’s cinematography is spot on. Amy Williams’ production design is realistic. Jacqueline Demetriou’s costumes are stunning, especially those worn by Annie. Peter Teschner’s editing is smooth.

The Idea of ​​You Movie Conclusion:
Overall, The Idea of ​​You is a beautiful love story. Due to its light-hearted mood and the casting of Anne Hathaway, the film is expected to garner huge audiences.

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