The story behind how Aamir Khan became an actor. Q

The Story Behind How Aamir Khan Became An Actor. Cue - Maharashtra Bandh

Aamir Khan at a promotional event

New Delhi:

Aamir Khan is doing the right voice Recently on The Kapil Sharma Show, he opened up about his personal and professional life. Aamir Khan appeared as a guest in the last episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show airing on Netflix. Aamir Khan, who boasts of a career spanning over three decades, shares a story of how he became an actor. The Lagaan actor credits Maharashtra Bandh for making him an actor. Reminiscing about the good old days, Aamir said, “Maharashtra was closed three days before my theater play. So I couldn’t go to the rehearsal. The director asked me to leave the show. I was in tears because they threw me out. Two days before the play, I was out!

He added, “Just then, two people came along. They offered me a diploma film at the Pune institute. I immediately boarded the bus and finished shooting. Another student who worked there as an editor saw the film. I was impressed. ‘Holi’ After watching the two films, Mansoor said, ‘That’s when they got the idea to make a film with me, because I was a good actor and if ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ had happened that day, Maharashtra Bandh, I might not have become a star.

In The Kapil Sharma Show, Aamir Khan also revealed that his kids don’t listen to him. “My children don’t listen to me,” he said. Aamir said he often feels “stuck in the middle”. On his children’s lack of interest in his advice, Aamir said, “My children don’t listen to me. Sometimes I feel our generation is stuck in the middle. We used to listen to our parents. We thought our children would listen. Our time will come for us too, but when we became parents. Our parents scolded us and now our children are doing the same (said The Indian Express).

On the work front, Aamir Khan was last seen in Lal Singh Chadha. He went on to produce Lapata Ladies, which has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

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