“We didn’t want to offend him.”

Comedian Paritosh Tripathi On Karan Johar-Kettan Singh Fiasco:

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Comedian Paritosh Tripathi, Karan Johar, who will be seen with Ketan Singh in the comedy show Madness Machayenge, reacted after criticizing his show. Hours after comedian Ketan Singh apologized, Karan Johar was upset by his mimicry, Paritosh Tripathi said. Hindustan Times That they never wanted to “offend or hurt” anyone. Paritosh Tripathi told Hindustan Times, “None of the comedians on the show mean to hurt or offend anyone. That’s never the intention behind anything we do. We just want to make people laugh and use our comic skills for that.”

Talking about Ketan Singh’s admiration for Karan Johar, Paritosh said, “Actually, Ketan is a huge fan of Karan sir. When a person mimics someone, it shows how the person appreciates the other person… It shows how they take notice. .every detail of the person in the show, we don’t want to offend anyone or make people think we’re offending others.”

To prove his point Paritosh gave an example of his own performance and said, “I roast people in front of them on the show, and they know where it’s coming from. We maintain a boundary, and never cross that line. That being said, the entire team wants Karan to You know we didn’t want to offend him.”

If you haven’t followed the chain of events, here’s the background for you. Karan Johar shared a statement on his Instagram Stories on Sunday night and talked about a comedian imitating his “bad taste”. Without naming anyone, Karan Johar wrote, “I was watching television with my mother… and saw a promo of a reality comedy show on a respected channel… A comic was impersonating me in very bad taste… I was surrounded by trolls and faceless and Expect this from anonymous people but when your own industry can disrespect someone who has been in business for over 25 years it says a lot about the times we live in…it doesn’t even make me angry!”

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Although Karan Johar did not name the comedian in his post, several users on Reddit tried to decode his cryptic post and concluded that he was talking about Ketan Singh. In the promo, comedian Ketan Singh is seen mimicking the director and calling his chat show Koffee with Karan as Toffee with Churan.

On Monday, Ketan Singh apologized to Karan Johar and told Times Now, “I want to apologize to Karan (Johar) sir. First of all, I do any impersonation because I see Karan Johar a lot on the coffee show, I am a fan of his work, I love Rocky Aur Rani Prem Kahani.” See, if my actions hurt him, I apologize for saying sorry to him.”

Karan Johar is all set to produce Sunny Sanskar Ki Tulsi Kumari starring Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Dhawan.

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