When Shah Rukh Khan and Shreyas Talpade came up with an Om Shanti Om publicity plan in a London hotel washroom.

When Shah Rukh Khan And Shreyas Talpade Made Om Shanti Om Publicity Plan In A London Hotel Washroom

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Actor-filmmaker Shreyas Talpade is awaiting the release of his film. Kartam Bhugatam And is busy promoting the project. Now, just a week ahead of the release of his film, Shreyas went down memory lane and shared his experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan. FYI: Shreyas shared screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in Farah Khan’s 2007 directorial Om Shanti Om, Shreyas who played SRK’s friend Pappu in the film is still being appreciated for his performance in the film. In conversation with Siddharth KannanShreyas reveals that this is his only reason to say yes Om Shanti Om He wanted to share screen space with King Khan. Not only this, the actor also spoke about his bonding with Shahrukh. Shreyas said that though he was not in touch Pathan Tara, whenever the two meet each other, it is with “equal intensity”.

Shreyas Talpade said, “Man, things are so easy for me (Things are very easy for me), and unfortunately it goes against me that I do what my heart tells me. So, when Farah (Khan) told me that she was doing the film, Shah Rukh (Khan) was there. I was very clear that I wanted to work with Shah Rukh (Khan). I wanted to work with Farah (Khan). The role was good and she only got better, luckily she is remembered till date. But I was very clear that I wanted to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

He added, “We had a great time and improved a lot while shooting.” Om Shanti Om. I remember the next day when it was the first day of the shoot, he said,’Thanks, mate, I had so much fun yesterday. I had a lot of fun after a long time. I went home and I told Gauri (Khan) that I was very happy to work with her. That’s it. What more do you want? You want to work with a superstar who never treats you like a rookie, he treats you as an equal. He treats you like a friend. And then he is happy with your work. The way he preached Om Shanti Om It was a huge learning experience for me.”

Shreyas Talpade “One of the lines he told me when we were shooting the film, ‘You know Shreyas is very easy. i want Om Shanti Om Will be the biggest movie of 2007. It was an abbreviated form of a line. Om Shanti Om Probably the biggest movie of 2007. And now we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

The actor added, “We (Shah Rukh Khan and Shreyas Talpade) were in a washroom in a London hotel room. Deepika (Padukone) was giving an interview outside. And the premiere was in the evening. But still he (Shah Rukh Khan) is thinking. He said, ‘In the evening we will do one thing, dance on the red carpet in the evening, while our songs are playing. And we will attract as many people as possible. So Shah Rukh Khan never takes things for granted. And what he did during that promotion was phenomenal.”

He added, “He was sitting on the pot, I was sitting on the tub. And we’re talking, waiting for Deepika’s interview to end. He came to my room around 10:30-11:00 PM when Deepti (his wife) and I were about to sleep. And I expected the room service guy to come and give us a bottle of water. So when I heard a knock on my door, I thought it was room service. But when I opened the door, it took me a few seconds to realize it was someone else. So he (Shah Rukh Khan) said ‘Bahar will feed me’ (Won’t you invite me in)?’ I said, ‘Sorry-sorry man I was expecting someone else.’ Once inside, he explained the entire schedule for the next day. Shah Rukh Khan is doing this for his film in London at 11 pm. People think he has a PR team to worry about all these things. No, boss, he came himself and told the whole story. So the whole thing was planned and executed, thanks to one man, Shahrukh Khan.”

Released in 2007, Om Shanti Om Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone played the lead roles, while Arjun Rampal, Kiran Kher and Shreyas Talpade played the lead roles.

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